Spa Specialist Mystery Shopping

The Spa Angels concept is built solely upon serving you to grow your business whilst supporting and rewarding your team for excellence in customer care.

We work closely with you to provide a prescriptive mystery shopping experience built around your business, clients and team. From individual visits to our annual package of quarterly visits we are there to challenge, drive and inspire change for your guests journey.

Using only industry experts to carry out your visit ensures feedback is relevant, constructive and informative.

But we don't stop there!


Support  .  Reward  .  Reconnect  

We believe that mystery shopping should be a rewarding experience which is why for every visit you receive we will highlight one person who has demonstrated exceptional client care.

2020 has been devastating for so many individuals and businesses and we are committed in supporting you to reconnect your team whilst driving growth for bottom lines. 

However throughout the chaos we all saw the industry pull together like never before and here at The Spa Angels we are determined to maintain that level of care in the future.